About Us

About Us


To become the most sought-after supplier of industry-specific in delivering prime technologies and environmentally friendly solutions for the Asia-Pacific region.


To be a trusted global leader in liquid containment through a responsible and sustainable asset maintenance management.


We pursue excellence in all that we do by focus on product quality, most effective solutions and care about our community and the environment.


We constantly seek to evolve our product portfolio and strive for best practice to deliver sustainable infrastructure outcomes.

Who are we

We believe that high product quality, on-site quality control measures and best practise safety standards are our ways of ensuring reliability of our services.

Core Areas of Expertise

Whether it's in the hot arid desserts of Australia or the icy mountain regions of Australia and New Zealand, HYDROLOC's extensive industry experience and knowledge of local construction and maintenance techniques for infrastructure is key to us understanding the most effective, unique and sustainable solutions.

We like to think of our approach to this industry as distinctly valuing quality over quantity. HYDROLOC affiliates with industry professionals to ensure the thorough, streamlined application of products and resources. Underpinning this approach is our core areas of expertise.

  • Cost Control
  • Financial Modelling
  • Research & Planning
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer service


To promote transparency and accountability by being proactive in the management of opportunities and risks for all.


We provide a fair, equitable and transparent workplace that values work-life balance and the leadership development of all personnel.


We have established long-term relationships with our consultants, engineers and contractors through openly transparent and respectful communication and behaviour.


We acknowledge, develop and enrich local communities through a considered appreciation of their specific needs, values and cultures.


company history

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, HYDROLOC was established to provide high quality membrane and coating protection against water and chemical ingress and egress challenges.

HYDROLOC brings together global knowledge in hydrogeology through highly experienced geotechnical engineers to produce cutting edge waterproofing solutions for all industries.

With a team of specialists that have over 100 years of combined experience HYDROLOC recommends the best solution for each application. This bespoke approach provides the most optimal outcome for your particular project.