Water management and corrosion control for a wide range of industries

HYDROLOC product range has played a key role for over 25 years in the development of Water-Based, Solvent Free, Zero VOC technology for water management and corrosion control. Our liquid cold applied protective coatings are designed for industry, commercial and residential sectors by providing eco-friendly, long -lasting and cost-effective solutions. Hydroloc applications include building envelopes and advanced projects across a broad range of industries such as Mining, Marine. Manufacturing, Agricultural, Amusement, Construction and Infrasctrucure.


Due to Australia’s Global positive, neutral positioning, there is an ever-growing influx of immigrants feeding our high density housing requirements, growth in the demands for our successful produce from agriculture and the flow on need for Commercial properties for governance.

This has forced the construction arena to utilize land that was previously unusable due to high moisture content, being near waterways, sloping land or going deep underground for basement services and car parking.

This advancing frontier of expansion has created the need for a truly effective instant barrier system, to contain moisture either inside or outside of the building envelope as required. This is where HYDROLOC’s instant set type waterproofing and tanking products are a real advantage. The applications include, but are not limited to:

• Potable water storage – lining of interior/exterior drinking water tanks for new residences.
• Waterproofing – spraying basements and undercroft carparks, piers and infills prior to pouring basement walls and retaining walls.
• Tanking of wet areas – spray application of shower hobs, splash backs, floor tanking for laundries, bathrooms and en-suites.
• Storm water – coating internal walls of all concrete storm water retention facilities.
• Lift wells – completely seal all lift wells prior to lift installations
• Roof, concrete decks, parking lot deck waterproofing, interstitial spaces tanking under lawns, garden beds and water features of rooftop gardens.
• Creating instant dams for stormwater, water retention and swamp land-use projects.


Regulatory compliance and appropriate systems and procedure are keys to being successful in any industry.

HYDROLOC helps manufacturers by providing good practice and long-life to the initial setup and the regulated maintenance of any capital plant and equipment, for instance:

• Water storage tanks – internal lining of all containment areas including concrete, steel or dams.
• Sewage tanks – internal lining of sewage processing tanks and pipes.
• Chemical storage tanks- relining of steel bells, high acid / alkaline storage tanks.
• Impact protection – coating of steel pipes, stirring and folding machinery.
• Numerous product processing tanks, moulds or elements.
• Maintenance – steel superstructure protection, tank relining and chemical fallout coating.
• Other – Fire suppression tanks, cooling towers, vibration dampening and interstitial spaces


With rapid population growth and urban sprawl comes the necessity for speedy access to the places we chose to work, live and play in. We travel in cars, trains, boats and planes and move hefty loads by truck, rail and shipping lines.

HYDROLOC Industry, Roof and Concrete coating systems are designed for heavy duty protection for:

• Roads – lining stormwater culverts, protecting all steel going into the ground
• Bridges – coatings for steel, sealing under concrete link slabs for bridge decks
• Rivers – prevent deleterious concrete failure of river levy banks, lochs & weirs
• Tunnels – disruptive sound attenuation coating, sealing ground water ingress/egress
• Airports – runway lighting system cellars, storm water culverts, manhole pits etc.
• Hydro – seal dams, conduits and assets of hydroelectric power plants including coating of large above ground pipes.
• Wastewater Treatment Plants – pre-cast pipe linings, all tanks linings, structural steel and evaporation ponds/dams
• Desalination Plants – containment of groundwater in construction & steel protection
• Wharves – concrete, steel and timber pylon protection & structural steel and concrete protection
• Power grid – steel tower coating, coating stobie pole bases & solar farm steel frames


The aggressive capital expenditure to setup plant and mining infrastructure needs insightful planning and scheduled maintenance. HYDROLOC’s single coat, durable coating products provide maintenance for the duration of any short or long-term installation. Our products are a real asset for:

• Installing processing and evaporation dams that do not balloon or get ‘whaling’.
• All steel superstructure protection from chloride attack, salts, sand and chipping.
• Chemical tanks, concrete protection of drains, steel protection of thickener tanks.
• Roof coating to protect from the elements, sound attenuation and heat relief.
• Stone and rock protection to underside of all mining site vehicles.


The sea shows no mercy when it comes to anything we build on, in or near it. HYDROLOC’S unique High Volume Low Pressure spray technology coupled with our engineered products that stick tenaciously to most substrates, disallows moisture to get behind the coating. This outstanding benefit is ideal for:

• Top deck and hull coatings for steel shipping vessels.
• Corrosion control for ship ballast tanks and bilge pump systems.
• Fresh water confinement for public access areas.
• Wave breakers and sea wall protection coating.
• Aquaculture breeding tank liners.


Australasia’s diverse agricultural industries are growing. Our livestock, poultry, crustacean, dairy produce, wine, sugar cane, bio-diversity fuels, grain, perfume, cotton farming, citrus fruit and juices and fishing industries are flourishing. HYDROLOC products and instant application methods provide our farmers serious help with:

• Containment – pond and dam liners, sheep dips, chemical containment berms.
• Abattoirs – septic tanks, water & chemical containment, manure lagoons & washout bays.
• Wineries – grape mark storage facilities, building structures & acid/alkaline waste handling.
• Grain – bins, silos, surface grain storage, barn roofs & fertilizer facilities.
• Irrigation – lining canals, tanking non-potable water cisterns, pump stations & water supply tanks.
• Other – fire suppression tanks, cooling towers, clarifiers, pipelines & commercial shower room liners

Amusement Parks

So many theme and fun parks exist to temporarily take us away from the realities of life. They often involve extreme ride facilities, and many use the effortless advantages that water brings to move us around. These parks greatly benefit from HYDROLOC products which tenaciously bond to almost any substrate. Applications include:

• Slides – heavy reinforcing/protection to fiberglass moulded fabrications and metal framework protection.
• Zoo’s – animal tank coatings, water storage tanks, fountains, Splash pads waterproofing ponds, and noise/sound attenuation.
• Other – playground matting, water features, storm water diversion canals, water retention facilities and many concrete sealing and protection aspects.