Looking for a quality liquid containment solution?


We have mastered liquid containment through many decades of experience, industry research and development, making us the indisputable leaders in the commercialisation of engineered, environmentally sustainable waterproofing solutions.

We master innovative technologies and sustainable application methods with long term integrity and durability for all sorts of industrial infrastructure development.

HYDROLOC offers low-cost solutions and effective maintenance for all waterproofing and corrosion protection needs. With a comprehensive portfolio of products, we provide a customisable approach for your project.

HYDROLOC supplies a wide range of superior bonding, waterproofing and easy-to-use products to protect infrastructure fabrications and associated equipment, such as tank and pond linings, parking decks, roofing and machinery coatings.

• Highly Cost efficient
• Half the Surface Preparation
• No Primer, single coat system
• Fast-set application
• Engineered to last
• Slashes project times


Premium Technology

A high performance, durable and seamless membrane to produce superior waterproofing and corrosion control.

Low-Cost Solution

Hydroloc provides low cost solutions and effective maintenance for any liquid management challenges.

Safe Approach

Our water based range is cold applied with no VOCs or solvents reducing the risk of harm or injury to the person applying.

Fast Application

Time constraints are always paramount. We have the best approach to drastically reduce preparation time and labour costs.

Our legacy is one entrenched in an unwavering commitment to assist our customers to build and maintain their capital infrastructure and assets through our superior solutions.


We understand that the process of executing project deliverables, from the early conceptual stage through to delivery of exceptional capital assets, can be long and time-consuming.

It takes trust and integrity to ensure there is a mutual understanding that what is promised in the conceptual pre-construction or pre-maintenance phase of this process is delivered to an exceptional standard and on deadline.

Our integrity is built on a track record of delivering on promises.


It takes a dedicated team driven by innovation and guided by experience to utilise the worlds most advanced, technologically engineered products to build and maintain your assets.

Our team understands this industry. With a long history of success and a culture of constant learning and willingness to embrace new ideas, we pride ourselves on being a workplace known for the dedication of the team.

We love creating environments that foster meaningful connections. And it takes the dedication of the entire team to bring that goal to life.


Great collaborative thinking drives
excellent outcomes.

Our interdisciplinary approach with engineers, utilities & infrastructure maintenance specialists and construction experts, results in our partners making the best long-term investment to build and maintain their assets.

This will bring the desired results to life and requires people working together and respecting the unique expertise of various skilled professionals.